Bikram Yoga

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I started Bikram Yoga because my knee hurt and a friend recommended I try the yoga to help it heal. 

I believe my greatest strength, as a teacher, is helping students learn to love the yoga for what it is: Magic. 

My favorite posture is a toss up between Standing Head to Knee and Triangle. 

The yoga works. 

500 hour certification.

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I discovered both Vinyasa Flow and Bikram Yoga when I lived in California. Bikram gave me fantastic body awareness, and Vinyasa allowed me to sink deep into my inner peace.

Victory for me as a teacher comes when students increase their awareness and love for their own individual unique bodies and practice as the beautiful gifts they are rather than constantly comparing themselves and wishing they had a body part or pose or practice that belongs to someone else. 

My best advice for Vinyasa beginners: To do the yoga in the bodies that walked in the door

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think." — Buddha

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I've been doing Bikram yoga/Inferno Hot Pilates since 2012. A friend suggested I try it. I was like, yoga? No way. But after it kicked my ass in the first class, I had to go back for more. The rest is history! 

The transformation for me was after my first 30 day challenge I saw how my body changed. Something big was happening outside and in; a huge shift in perspective of myself and the world.

My best advice for Bikram/Inferno/HVF beginners: Take care of yourself as if you were someone you really cared about. Just breathe. 

“The Right way is  the hard way.”— Boss! 

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I have been practicing Bikram since January of 2013. My friend, who noticed I was always cold, brought me to a studio where they allowed me to practice for free because they saw how much it helped me overcome some of the struggles I was going through. I made friends and felt accountable for the first time in a way that suited me.

The yoga has really helped me see who I am and see where I want to go and what I want to do in my life.

I believe that anyone who practices this yoga can and, with work, WILL find self realization.  

"No one knows what you are put on this earth to do, except for you." — Bikram

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I've been doing Bikram yoga/Inferno Hot Pilates since 2001. 

I discovered Bikram yoga/Inferno Hot Pilates when my uncle owned Bikram Yoga Santa Barbara and I tried it while visiting. 

The transformation for me came after doing a 30 day challenge.

Victory for me as a teacher comes when the entire class is doing standing bow at the same time.  

My best advice for beginners is come as often as possible, take class from different teachers and see how diverse a Bikram Yoga class can be.

My best advice for Bikram/Inferno veterans: Try a 30 day challenge!


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